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[mes-uh n-ter-ee, mez-] /ˈmɛs ənˌtɛr i, ˈmɛz-/

noun, plural mesenteries. Anatomy.
the membrane, consisting of a double layer of peritoneum, that invests the intestines, attaching them to the posterior wall of the abdomen, maintaining them in position in the abdominal cavity, and supplying them with blood vessels, nerves, and lymphatics, especially the part of this membrane investing the jejunum and ileum.
/ˈmɛsəntərɪ; ˈmɛz-/
noun (pl) -teries
the double layer of peritoneum that is attached to the back wall of the abdominal cavity and supports most of the small intestine

fold of the peritoneum, early 15c., from medical Latin mesenterium “middle of the intestine,” from medical Greek mesenterion, from mesos “middle” (see medial (adj.)) + enteron “intestine” (see enteric). Related: Mesenteric.

mesentery mes·en·ter·y (měz’ən-těr’ē, měs’-)

mes’en·ter’ic adj.


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    mesenteric artery n.

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    mesenteric ganglion n.

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    mesenteriopexy mes·en·ter·i·o·pex·y (měz’ən-těr’ē-ə-pěk’sē, měs’-) n. Surgical fixation of a torn or incised mesentery. Also called mesopexy.

  • Mesenteriorrhaphy

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