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mesio- pref.
Mesial: mesiolabial.


Read Also:

  • Mesiobuccal

    mesiobuccal me·si·o·buc·cal (mē’zē-ō-bŭk’əl, -sē-) adj. Of or relating to the mesial and the buccal surfaces of a tooth, especially the angle formed by the junction of these two surfaces.

  • Mesiocervical

    mesiocervical me·si·o·cer·vi·cal (mē’zē-ō-sûr’vĭ-kəl, -sē-) adj.

  • Mesiodens

    mesiodens me·si·o·dens (mē’zē-ə-děnz’, -sē-) n. A supernumerary tooth located in the midline of the anterior maxillae between the maxillary central incisor teeth.

  • Mesioclusion

    mesioclusion me·si·o·clu·sion (mē’zē-ə-klōō’zhən, -sē-) or me·si·o-oc·clu·sion (mē’zē-ō-ə-klōō’zhən, -sē-) n. See mesial occlusion.

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