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a website or section of a website that is used for public discussion of a specific topic and on which users can submit or read messages:
You should post your questions on a parenting message board and get support from other parents.
an online discussion group that is maintained on such a website:
To participate in the message board, you must be a registered user.
an internet discussion forum

an Internet-based forum for an interest group; also called bulletin board , discussion board , interactive message board

Message boards usually offer chat, email, and ability to share documents.


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  • Message-center

    noun 1. an office or other area where incoming and outgoing messages, mail, etc., are received and transmitted, as by telephone, computer, or messenger.

  • Message digest 5

    messaging The message digest function defined in RFC 1321. (1996-08-04)

  • Message digest function

    one-way hash function

  • Message handling system

    messaging, standard (MHS) The standard defined by ITU-T as X.400 and by ISO as Message-Oriented Text Interchange Standard (MOTIS). MHS is the X.400 family of services and protocols that provides the functions for global electronic mail transfer among local mail systems and MTAs. It is used by CompuServe, among others. (1996-09-25)

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