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[mis-ter] /ˈmɪs tər/

plural Messrs.
[mes-erz] /ˈmɛs ərz/ (Show IPA)
mister: a title of respect prefixed to a man’s name or position:
Mr. Lawson; Mr. President.
a title prefixed to a mock surname that is used to represent possession of a particular attribute, identity, etc., especially in an idealized or excessive way:
Mr. Democrat; Mr. Perfect; Mr. Macho.
[mes-erz] /ˈmɛs ərz/
plural of .
the plural of Mr

abbreviation of messieurs (1620s), which is the plural of French monsieur (see monsieur).

mid-15c., abbreviation of master (n.); also see mister. Used from 1814 with a following noun or adjective, to denote “the exemplar or embodiment of that quality” (e.g. Mr. Right “the only man a woman wishes to marry,” 1826; Mr. Fix-It, 1912; Mr. Big, 1940). The plural Messrs. (1779) is an abbreviation of French messieurs, plural of monsieur, used in English to supply the plural of Mr., which is lacking.
mister (Used as a courtesy title for a man)


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