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[muh-tab-uh-lahyz] /məˈtæb əˌlaɪz/

verb (used with or without object), metabolized, metabolizing.
to subject to ; change by .
to bring about or subject to metabolism

1887 (transitive), 1934 (intransitive), from Greek metabole “a change” (see metabolism) + -ize. Related: Metabolized; metabolizing.

metabolize me·tab·o·lize (mĭ-tāb’ə-līz’)
v. me·tab·o·lized, me·tab·o·liz·ing, me·tab·o·liz·es

To subject a substance to metabolism or produce a substance by metabolism.


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  • Metabolome

    /mɪˈtæbəˌləʊm/ noun 1. the full complement of metabolites present in a cell, tissue, or organism in a particular physiological or developmental state

  • Metabolomics

    /mɪˈtæˌbəˈlɒmɪks/ noun (functioning as sing) 1. the study of all the metabolites present in cells, tissues, and organs

  • Metaboly

    /mɪˈtæbəlɪ/ noun 1. (biology) the ability of some cells, esp protozoans, to alter their shape

  • Metabotropic receptor

    /mɪˌtæbəˈtrɒpɪk/ noun 1. (physiol) an indirect receptor which initiates an intracellular biochemical cascade after it is triggered by an agonistic ligand Compare ionotropic receptor

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