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noun, Electronics.
a three-layer sandwich of a metal, an insulator (usually an oxide of the substrate), and a semiconductor substrate, used in integrated circuits.
Abbreviation: MOS.


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  • Metal paste-up

    noun, Printing. 1. a method for making up a form for printing in which engravings mounted on blocks are positioned on and pasted to a metal base.

  • Metalsmith

    [met-l-smith] /ˈmɛt lˌsmɪθ/ noun 1. a person skilled in making articles of metal.

  • Metal spraying

    noun 1. a process in which a layer of one metal is sprayed onto another in the molten state

  • Metal-tape

    noun 1. a high-performance recording tape having a magnetic metal-particle coating that is not an oxide. noun 1. a magnetic recording tape coated with pure iron rather than iron oxide or chromedioxide: it gives enhanced recording quality

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