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metanephrine met·a·neph·rine (mět’ə-něf’rĭn, -rēn’)
A catabolite of epinephrine excreted in the urine and found some tissues.


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  • Metanephrogenic

    metanephrogenic met·a·neph·ro·gen·ic (mět’ə-něf’rə-jěn’ĭk) adj. Capable of giving rise to the metanephroi.

  • Metanephros

    [met-uh-nef-ros] /ˌmɛt əˈnɛf rɒs/ noun, plural metanephroi [met-uh-nef-roi] /ˌmɛt əˈnɛf rɔɪ/ (Show IPA). Embryology. 1. one of the three embryonic excretory organs of higher vertebrates, becoming the permanent and functional kidney. /ˌmɛtəˈnɛfrɒs/ noun (pl) -roi (-rɔɪ) 1. the last-formed posterior part of the embryonic kidney in reptiles, birds, and mammals, which remains functional in the […]

  • Metanira

    [met-uh-nahy-ruh] /ˌmɛt əˈnaɪ rə/ noun, Classical Mythology. 1. queen of Eleusis, who took Demeter in to nurse her child.

  • Metanitrophenol

    [met-uh-nahy-truh-fee-nawl, -nol] /ˌmɛt əˌnaɪ trəˈfi nɔl, -nɒl/ noun 1. See under (def 2). [nahy-truh-fee-nawl, -nol] /ˌnaɪ trəˈfi nɔl, -nɒl/ noun, Chemistry. 1. any compound derived from by the replacement of one or more of its ring hydrogen atoms by the nitro group. 2. any of three water-soluble, crystalline isomers of such a derivative, having the […]

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