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[meth-uh-dist] /ˈmɛθ ə dɪst/

a member of the largest Christian denomination that grew out of the revival of religion led by John Wesley: stresses both personal and social morality and has an Arminian doctrine and, in the U.S., a modified episcopal polity.
(lowercase) a person who relies greatly or excessively on or a particular .
Also, Methodistic, Methodistical. of or relating to the Methodists or .
a member of any of the Nonconformist denominations that derive from the system of faith and practice initiated by John Wesley and his followers
of or relating to Methodism or the Church embodying it (the Methodist Church)

“One of a new kind of puritans lately arisen, so called from their profession to live by rules and in constant method” [Johnson]. Protestant religious sect founded 1729 at Oxford University by John and Charles Wesley, took that name almost from inception, but it had been used since at least 1686 for various new methods of worship. Related: Methodism.

A Protestant denomination founded by the English clergyman John Wesley and his brother Charles Wesley in the eighteenth century. Methodists are generally flexible in doctrine and in church organization, and stress the social responsibility of Christians. Next to the Baptists, Methodists are the most numerous group of Protestants in the United States.


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