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[meth-uh l-trahy-nahy-troh-ben-zeen, -ben-zeen] /ˈmɛθ əl traɪˌnaɪ troʊˈbɛn zin, -bɛnˈzin/

noun, Chemistry.


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  • Methyl violet

    methyl violet n. Any of several basic dyes, such as gentian violet, that are derivatives of pararosaniline and are used as histological and bacteriological stains.

  • Methysergide

    [meth-uh-sur-jahyd] /ˌmɛθ əˈsɜr dʒaɪd/ noun, Pharmacology. 1. an ergot alkaloid derivative, C 2 1 H 2 7 N 3 O 2 , used in the prophylaxis and treatment of migraine and cluster headaches.

  • Metic

    [met-ik] /ˈmɛt ɪk/ noun 1. an alien resident of an ancient Greek city who paid a tax for the right to live there. /ˈmɛtɪk/ noun 1. (in ancient Greece) an alien having some rights of citizenship in the city in which he lives n. “resident alien in an ancient Greek state,” 1808, from Late Latin […]

  • Metical

    [met-i-kal; Portuguese me-ti-kahl] /ˈmɛt ɪˌkæl; Portuguese mɛ tɪˈkɑl/ noun, plural meticals Portuguese, meticais [me-ti-kahysh] /mɛ tɪˈkaɪʃ/ (Show IPA) 1. a brass coin and monetary unit of Mozambique, equal to 100 centavos: replaced the escudo in 1980.

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