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[mee-tis] /ˈmi tɪs/

noun, Classical Mythology.
a Titaness, the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys and the mother of Athena by Zeus. Zeus swallowed Metis, and Athena was born from his head.
noun (pl) -tis (-ˈtiːs; -ˈtiːz)
a person of mixed parentage

(US) a person having one eighth Black ancestry; octoroon

first wife of Zeus, from Greek Metis, literally “advice, wisdom, counsel; cunning, skill, craft,” from PIE root *me- “to measure” (see meter (n.2)).

“person of mixed parentage,” especially French Canadian and North American Indian, from French métis, from Late Latin mixticus “of mixed race,” from Latin mixtus “mixed,” past participle of miscere “to mix, mingle” (see mix (v.)). Cf. mestizo.


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