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[mi-tral-jee-uh] /mɪˈtræl dʒi ə/

noun, Pathology.
pain in the uterus.
pain in the uterus

metralgia me·tral·gi·a (mĭ-trāl’jē-ə)
See hysteralgia.


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    metratonia me·tra·to·ni·a (mē’trə-tō’nē-ə) n. Lack of tone or flaccidity of the uterine walls following childbirth.

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    metratrophy me·trat·ro·phy (mĭ-trāt’rə-fē) or me·tra·tro·phi·a (mē’trə-trō’fē-ə) n. Atrophy of the uterus.

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