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[myooz; French mœz] /myuz; French mœz/

Dutch Maas. a river in W Europe, flowing from NE France through E Belgium and S Netherlands into the North Sea. 575 miles (925 km) long.
a department in NE France. 2409 sq. mi. (6240 sq. km).
Capital: Bar-le-Duc.
/mɜːz; French møz/
a department of N France, in Lorraine region: heavy fighting occurred here in World War I. Capital: Bar-le-Duc. Pop: 191 728 (2003 est). Area: 6241 sq km (2434 sq miles)
a river in W Europe, rising in NE France and flowing north across E Belgium and the S Netherlands to join the Waal River before entering the North Sea. Length: 926 km (575 miles) Dutch name Maas


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