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[mahy-am-ee, -am-uh] /maɪˈæm i, -ˈæm ə/

a city in SE Florida: seaside resort.
Also called Great Miami. a river in W Ohio, flowing S into the Ohio River. 160 miles (260 km) long.
a city in NE Oklahoma.
[mahy-am-ee, -am-uh] /maɪˈæm i, -ˈæm ə/
noun, plural Miamis (especially collectively) Miami.
a member of a North American Indian tribe of the Algonquian family, formerly located in northern Indiana, southern Michigan, and possibly Illinois, now extinct as a tribe.
their dialect of the Illinois language.
a city and resort in SE Florida, on Biscayne Bay: developed chiefly after 1896, esp with the Florida land boom of the 1920s; centre of an extensive tourist area. Pop: 376 815 (2003 est)

place name in U.S.; the one in Florida is of unknown origin, attested in Spanish as Maymi (1566), Mayaimi (1575). The one in Ohio is from the Miami, native people there, attested from 18c., apparently from a native word /myaamiwa “downstream person.”

Best-known city in Florida.

Note: Famed for its resort hotels.

Note: Home of the largest Cuban population outside Cuba, many of them exiles from the regime of Fidel Castro.


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