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methyl isobutyl ketone


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  • Mibsam

    fragrance. (1.) One of Ishmael’s twelve sons, and head of an Arab tribe (Gen. 25:13). (2.) A son of Simeon (1 Chr. 4:25).

  • Mib variable

    A managed object that is defined in a Management Information Base (MIB). The object is defined by a textual name and a corresponding object identifier, a syntax, an access mode, a status, and a description of the semantics of the managed object. The MIB Variable contains pertinent management information that is accessible as defined by […]

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    fortress, one of the Edomitish “dukes” descended from Esau (Gen. 36:42; 1 Chr. 1:53).

  • Mic

    [mahyk] /maɪk/ noun, Informal. 1. a microphone. Bible. 1. . /maɪk/ noun 1. (informal) short for microphone abbreviation 1. Micah n. shortened form of microphone, first attested 1961. microphone 1. media interface connector 2. message integrity check 3. methyl isocyanate 4. Microscopium (constellation) 5. military-industrial complex 6. minimal inhibitory concentration Micah

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