[ah-dahm] /ˈɑ dɑm/ (Show IPA), 1798–1855, Polish poet.
Historical Examples

Again it is a ballad upon a Lithuanian theme, from the pen of Mickiewicz.
Descriptive Analyses of Piano Works Edward Baxter Perry

It was a wonderful and brilliant Paris which Mickiewicz entered.
Sonnets from the Crimea Adam Mickiewicz

A little later—during Mickiewicz’s own youth—Goethe was at the height of his power and the intellectual dictator of Europe.
Sonnets from the Crimea Adam Mickiewicz

Mickiewicz hoped that only the Christian religion can save mankind.
The Religious Spirit of the Slavs (1916) Nikolai Velimirovic

He thought Mickiewicz, the Polish national poet, “the most powerful poetic nature of the time.”
The Life of Mazzini Bolton King

It is remarkable how large a view of the Christian Church had Mickiewicz.
The Religious Spirit of the Slavs (1916) Nikolai Velimirovic

Mickiewicz, with the squadron that accompanied him from Rome, was received with the greatest enthusiasm at Florence.
At Home And Abroad Margaret Fuller Ossoli

Puschkin himself wrote eloquently of these same Crimean scenes that Mickiewicz shows us.
Sonnets from the Crimea Adam Mickiewicz

His Laments are his masterpiece, the choicest work of Polish lyric poetry before the time of Mickiewicz.
Laments Jan Kochanowski

Her dowry consisted in an old carpet, two stewing-pans, a plaster cast of Mickiewicz, and a pile of school prizes.
More Tales by Polish Authors Various

Adam (ˈadam). 1798–1855, Polish poet, whose epic Thaddeus (1834) is regarded as a masterpiece of Polish literature

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