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[mahy-kroh-min-ee-uh-cher-uh-zey-shuh n, -min-uh-] /ˌmaɪ kroʊˌmɪn i ə tʃər əˈzeɪ ʃən, -ˌmɪn ə-/

extreme miniaturization, especially of electronic equipment, with extensive use of integrated circuits.
the production and application of very small semiconductor components and the circuits and equipment in which they are used


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  • Microminiaturize

    [mahy-kroh-min-ee-uh-chuh-rahyz, -min-uh-] /ˌmaɪ kroʊˈmɪn i ə tʃəˌraɪz, -ˈmɪn ə-/ verb (used with object), microminiaturized, microminiaturizing. 1. (especially of electronic equipment) to make extremely small; subject to microminiaturization.

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    (uML) An interpreter for a subset of SML. Runs on MS-DOS. Written at the University of Umea, Sweden. (ftp://ftp.cs.umu.se/pub/umlexe01.zoo).

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    [mahy-kruh-moh-shuh n] /ˈmaɪ krəˌmoʊ ʃən/ noun 1. a , especially a periodic one, of very short duration or length. 2. (in time and study) the analysis of the time of a work performance in its basic subdivisions with the aid of a timing apparatus, motion-picture equipment, etc.

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    [mahy-kruh-mount] /ˈmaɪ krəˌmaʊnt/ noun 1. a mineralogical specimen displayed in such a way as to facilitate viewing it under a binocular microscope.

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