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[mahy-kroh-ree-pruh-duhk-shuh n] /ˌmaɪ kroʊˌri prəˈdʌk ʃən/

a photographic image too small to be read by the unaided eye.
the technique of producing such images.


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  • Microrespirometer

    microrespirometer mi·cro·res·pi·rom·e·ter (mī’krō-rěs’pə-rŏm’ĭ-tər) n. An apparatus for measuring the utilization of oxygen by small numbers of isolated tissues or cells.

  • Micro saint

    simulation A general purpose simulation tool from US company Micro Analysis and Design. (2007-03-22)

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    /ˌmaɪkrəʊˈsætəˌlaɪt/ noun 1. (genetics) a section of DNA consisting of very short nucleotide sequences repeated many times, the number of repeats varying between members of the species: used as a marker in determining genetic diversity, identifying important genetic traits, and in forensics, population studies, and paternity studies

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    noun a small two-wheel folding aluminum scooter; razor scooter Examples The use of microscooters in a large office can be disconcerting.

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