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Microsoft corporation

The biggest supplier of operating systems and other software for IBM PC compatibles. Software products include MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows, Windows NT, Microsoft Access, LAN Manager, MS Client, SQL Server, Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC), MS Mail, and SNA Server for Windows NT.
Microsoft was founded as “Micro-soft” in 1975 by Bill Gates (now CEO) and his high school pal Paul Allen. Their first product was a version of BASIC for the new Altair computer [which one?]. In 1980, IBM chose Microsoft to supply the operating system for the IBM PC.
On the UK television program “The Net” in May 1994, Bill Gates said he was betting his company on the information highway”.
Quarterly sales $1293M, profits $362M (Aug 1994).
(http://microsoft.com/). (ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/).
Interesting Info and Other Microsoft WWW Servers (http://www-drg.microsoft.com/devinfo.htm).
Microsoft Windows Developer Information (http://www-drg.microsoft.com/devinfo.htm).
Microsoft Research Group Information (http://research.microsoft.com).
Win_News (http://microsoft.com/chicago/ms-www/ms-intro.htm). maintained by the Personal Operating Systems Division to distribute information on Microsoft Windows, MS-DOS and Windows 95.


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