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See midsun


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  • Mid-teen

    [mid-teen] /ˈmɪdˈtin/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or characteristic of a person 15–17 years old: specializing in mid-teen clothes. noun 2. a person 15–17 years old: an ad campaign aimed at mid-teens. 3. mid-teens, numbers, amounts, ages, etc., midway between 13 and 19: He started at a salary in the mid-teens.

  • Midterm

    [mid-turm] /ˈmɪdˌtɜrm/ noun 1. the middle or halfway point of a , as a school or of office. 2. Often, midterms. Informal. an examination or series of examinations at the middle of a school . adjective 3. pertaining to or occurring on or about the middle of a , as a school or of office: […]

  • Midtown

    [mid-toun, -toun] /ˈmɪdˈtaʊn, -ˌtaʊn/ noun 1. the middle part of a city or between uptown and downtown. adjective 2. of, relating to, or situated in this part: a midtown restaurant. adverb 3. to or in this part: She works midtown. /ˈmɪdˌtaʊn/ noun 1. (US & Eastern Canadian) the centre of a town See also downtown, […]

  • Midvale

    [mid-veyl] /ˈmɪdˌveɪl/ noun 1. a town in N Utah.

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