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Middle colic vein

middle colic vein n.
A tributary of the superior mesenteric vein, accompanying the middle colic artery.


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  • Middle collateral artery

    middle collateral artery n. An artery that is the posterior terminal branch of the deep brachial artery, anastomosing with the arteries that form the articular network of the elbow.

  • Middle-comedy

    noun 1. Greek Attic comedy of the 4th century b.c. The few extant fragments are characterized chiefly by a realistic depiction of everyday life.

  • Middle common room

    noun 1. (in certain universities and colleges) a common room for the use of postgraduate students Compare junior common room, senior common room

  • Middle constrictor muscle of pharynx

    middle constrictor muscle of pharynx n. A muscle with its origin in the stylohyoid ligament and the hyoid bone, with insertion to the pharyngeal raphe in the posterior wall of the pharynx, with nerve supply from the pharyngeal plexus, and whose action narrows the pharynx in swallowing.

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