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an intermediate position, area, or recourse between two opposites or extremes; a halfway or neutral standpoint.
(def 1).
Nautical. a length of comparatively shallow water having channels on both sides.
another term for middle distance See middle-distance (sense 2)
a position of compromise between two opposing views, parties, etc


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  • Middle-guard

    noun, Football. 1. a defensive lineman positioned opposite the offensive center and between the defensive tackles, as in a three- or five-man line. noun See nose guard

  • Middlehand

    [mid-l-hand] /ˈmɪd lˌhænd/ noun, Cards. 1. the player on the dealer’s right in a game with three players. Compare , (def 7).

  • Middle-high-german

    noun 1. the High German language of the period 1100–1500. Abbreviation: MHG. noun 1. High German from about 1200 to about 1500 MHG

  • Middle-income

    [mid-l-in-kuhm] /ˈmɪd lˈɪn kʌm/ adjective 1. of or relating to those with an average income within the overall population.

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