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noun, Anthropology.
the Mesolithic period.
Middle Stone Age
See Mesolithic.


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  • Middle-stump

    noun, Cricket. 1. the stump inside of the leg stump and the off stump; the second of the three stumps of a wicket.

  • Middle supraclavicular nerve

    middle supraclavicular nerve n. See intermediate supraclavicular nerve.

  • Middle-temple

    noun 1. See under (def 1). 2. See under 1 (def 10). plural noun 1. the four voluntary legal societies in England (Lincoln’s Inn, the Inner Temple, the Middle Temple, and Gray’s Inn) that have the exclusive privilege of calling candidates to the English bar after they have received such instruction and taken such examinations […]

  • Middle temporal sulcus

    middle temporal sulcus n. The sulcus between the middle and inferior temporal gyri.

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