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[mid-rif] /ˈmɪd rɪf/

(def 1).
the middle part of the body, between the chest and the waist.
the part of a dress or bodice, usually close-fitting, that covers this part of the body.
a garment that exposes this part of the body.
noting or pertaining to the middle part of the human body, the part of a garment that covers it, or a garment that exposes it.

(anatomy) another name for the diaphragm (sense 1)
the part of a woman’s garment covering the midriff
(US) a woman’s garment which exposes the midriff

Old English midhrif, from mid “mid” (see mid) + hrif “belly,” from Proto-Germanic *hrefiz- (cf. Old High German href, Old Frisian hrif “belly”), from PIE *kwrep- “body, form, appearance” (see corporeal). More or less obsolete after 18c. except in phrase to tickle (one’s) midriff “to cause laughter,” the word revived 1941 in fashion usage for “portion of a woman’s garment that covers the belly,” as a euphemistic avoidance of belly; sense inverted and extended 1970 to a belly-baring style of women’s top.

midriff mid·riff (mĭd’rĭf)
See diaphragm.


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