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[mift] /mɪft/

put into an irritable mood, especially by an offending incident:
I was miffed when they didn’t invite me to the party.
[mif] /mɪf/
petulant displeasure; ill humor.
a petty quarrel.
verb (used with object)
to give minor offense to; offend.
to take offence or offend
a petulant mood
a petty quarrel

1824, past participle adjective from miff (v.). Sir Walter Scott calls it “a women’s phrase.”

1620s, “fit of ill humor,” perhaps imitative of an exclamation of disgust (cf. German muffen “to sulk”).

1797, “to take offense at;” 1811, “to put out of humor,” from miff (n.). Related: miffed; miffing.


Angered; offended: miffed over failure of pleas to raise his bail/ Dad, although miffed, took pity on Ethan and decided not to get huffy (1824+)


To anger; offend: The way I came on to you the other night; I thought you’d be miffed (1811+)


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