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tower of the flock, a place 2 miles south of Jerusalem, near the Bethlehem road (Gen. 35:21). (See EDAR.)


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  • Migdal-el

    tower of God, a fortified city of Naphtali (Josh. 19:38), supposed by some to be identical with Magdala (q.v.).

  • Migdal-gad

    tower of fortune, a town in the plains of Judah, probably the modern el-Mejdel, a little to the north-east of Ascalon (Josh. 15:37).

  • Migdol

    tower. (1.) A strongly-fortified place 12 miles from Pelusium, in the north of Egypt (Jer. 44:1; 46:14). This word is rendered “tower” in Ezek. 29:10, but the margin correctly retains the name Migdol, “from Migdol to Syene;” i.e., from Migdol in the north to Syene in the south, in other words, the whole of Egypt. […]

  • Migg

    [mig] /mɪg/ noun, Chiefly Northern, North Midland, and Western U.S. 1. a playing marble, especially one that is not used as a shooter. 2. migs, (used with a singular verb) the game of marbles. /mɪɡ/ noun 1. any of various types of Russian and former Soviet fighter aircraft in name of various Russian fighter planes, […]

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