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[mahy-tee] /ˈmaɪ ti/

adjective, mightier, mightiest.
having, characterized by, or showing superior power or strength:
mighty rulers.
of great size; huge:
a mighty oak.
great in amount, extent, degree, or importance; exceptional:
a mighty accomplishment.
Informal. very; extremely:
I’m mighty pleased.
(used with a plural verb) mighty persons collectively (usually preceded by the):
the rich and the mighty.
adjective mightier, mightiest

very large; vast
very great in extent, importance, etc
(informal, mainly US & Canadian) (intensifier): he was mighty tired

Old English mihtig, earlier mæhtig, from miht (see might (n.)). Cf. Old Frisian mechtig, Old Saxon mahtig, Dutch machtig, German mächtig. As an adverb, it is attested from c.1300, though now considered colloquial.
see: high and mighty


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