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[mil-i-ter-ist] /ˈmɪl ɪ tər ɪst/

a person imbued with .
a person skilled in the conduct of war and affairs.
a supporter of or believer in militarism
a devotee of military history, strategy, etc

c.1600, “a soldier,” from military + -ist. As “one devoted to militarism” from 1884.


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  • Militarize

    [mil-i-tuh-rahyz] /ˈmɪl ɪ təˌraɪz/ verb (used with object), militarized, militarizing. 1. to equip with armed forces, supplies, or the like. 2. to make . 3. to imbue with . /ˈmɪlɪtəˌraɪz/ verb (transitive) 1. to convert to military use 2. to imbue with militarism

  • Military-academy

    noun 1. a private school organized somewhat along the lines of and following some of the procedures of military life. 2. a school that trains men and women for military careers as army officers, usually as part of a college education. noun 1. a training establishment for young officer cadets entering the army

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    noun 1. (def 2).

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    noun 1. one of a pair of matched hairbrushes having no handles, especially for men and boys.

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