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chocolate that has been mixed with milk.
a piece or bar of candy made of or coated with such chocolate.
chocolate that has been made with milk, having a creamy taste Compare plain chocolate


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  • Milk-cow

    noun 1. a cow that is raised for its milk rather than for beef. 2. Informal. a source of easily gained income; profitable venture: The new subsidiary turns out to be a real milk cow.

  • Milk crust

    milk crust n. Seborrhea of the scalp of an infant.

  • Milk duct

    milk duct n. See lactiferous duct.

  • Milker

    [mil-ker] /ˈmɪl kər/ noun 1. a person or thing that . 2. . 3. a cow or other animal that gives . /ˈmɪlkə/ noun 1. a cow, goat, etc, that yields milk, esp of a specified quality or amount: a poor milker 2. a person who milks 3. another name for milking machine

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