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Milk pudding

(mainly Brit) a hot or cold pudding made by boiling or baking milk with a grain, esp rice


Read Also:

  • Milk-punch

    noun 1. a beverage containing milk and alcoholic liquor with sugar, flavoring, etc. noun 1. a spiced drink made of milk and spirits

  • Milk round

    noun (Brit) 1. a route along which a milkman regularly delivers milk 2.

  • Milk-run

    noun, Slang. 1. a routine trip or undertaking, especially one presenting little danger or difficulty: The flight from New York to Chicago was a milk run for the experienced pilot and crew. noun 1. (aeronautics, informal) a routine and uneventful flight, esp on a dangerous mission noun phrase [fr the stopping of a train at […]

  • Milk-shake

    noun 1. a frothy drink made of cold milk, flavoring, and usually ice cream, shaken together or blended in a mixer. noun 1. a cold frothy drink made of milk, flavouring, and sometimes ice cream, whisked or beaten together

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