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Milk spots

milk spots pl.n.


Read Also:

  • Milk stout

    noun 1. (Brit) a rich mellow stout lacking a bitter aftertaste

  • Milk-sugar

    noun 1. . noun 1. another name for lactose milk sugar n. See lactose.

  • Milk the lizard

    verb phrase To masturbate; jack off, spank the monkey (1990s+)

  • Milk-thistle

    noun 1. . [ley-deez-this-uh l] /ˈleɪ dizˌθɪs əl/ noun 1. a composite plant, Silybum marianum, of the Mediterranean region, having glossy, spiny leaves and purplish-red flower heads. noun 1. another name for sow thistle

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