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[milk-man] /ˈmɪlkˌmæn/

noun, plural milkmen.
a person who sells or delivers .
noun (pl) -men
a man who delivers or sells milk
a man who milks cows; dairyman

1580s, from milk (n.) + man (n.).


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  • Milk-mushroom

    noun 1. any of the common latex-containing mushrooms of the genus Lactarius.

  • Milko

    /ˈmɪlkəʊ/ noun (pl) milkos 1. (Austral) an informal name for milkman (sense 1)

  • Milk-of-almonds

    noun 1. .

  • Milk of human kindness

    A phrase from Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, meaning humane feeling, concern for other people: “Everyone agreed that Houston was a brilliant thinker and an excellent lawyer, but some people worried that he lacked the milk of human kindness.”

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