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a town in W California, NW of San Francisco.


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  • Millville

    [mil-vil] /ˈmɪl vɪl/ noun 1. a city in S New Jersey.

  • Millwheel

    /ˈmɪlˌwiːl/ noun 1. a wheel, esp a waterwheel, that drives a mill

  • Mill-wheel

    noun 1. a wheel, especially a waterwheel, for driving a mill. n. Old English mylnn-hweol; see mill (n.1) + wheel (n.).

  • Millwork

    [mil-wurk] /ˈmɪlˌwɜrk/ noun 1. ready-made carpentry from a . 2. done in a . 3. profiled or finished woodwork, as moldings or lattices. /ˈmɪlˌwɜːk/ noun 1. work done in a mill n. 1770, from mill (n.1) + work (n.).

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