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[mil-keyk] /ˈmɪlˌkeɪk/



Read Also:

  • Mill-chisel

    noun 1. a woodworking chisel having a blade more than 8 inches (20 cm) long.

  • Mill-construction

    noun 1. heavy, fire-resistant timber construction within masonry walls, all vertical communication being within masonry towers provided with fire doors.

  • Milldam

    [mil-dam] /ˈmɪlˌdæm/ noun 1. a built in a stream to furnish a head of water for turning a . /ˈmɪlˌdæm/ noun 1. a dam built in a stream to raise the water level sufficiently for it to turn a millwheel

  • Millecent

    [mil-uh-suh nt] /ˈmɪl ə sənt/ noun 1. a female given name.

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