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[mil-ee] /ˈmɪl i/

a female given name, form of or .
(Ulster, informal, derogatory) a young working-class woman who dresses in casual sports clothes


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  • Millieme

    [meel-yem, mee-yem] /milˈyɛm, miˈyɛm/ noun 1. a cupronickel coin of Egypt and Sudan, the 1000th part of a pound or the 10th part of a piaster. 2. a former coin and monetary unit of Libya, the 1000th part of a pound: replaced by the dirham. /miːlˈjɛm/ noun 1. a Tunisian monetary unit worth one thousandth […]

  • Milliequivalent

    [mil-ee-i-kwiv-uh-luh nt] /ˈmɪl i ɪˈkwɪv ə lənt/ noun 1. a unit of measure, applied to electrolytes, that expresses the combining power of a substance. Abbreviation: mEq. milliequivalent mil·li·e·quiv·a·lent (mĭl’ē-ĭ-kwĭv’ə-lənt) n. Abbr. mEq, meq One thousandth (10-3) of a gram equivalent of a chemical element, an ion, a radical, or a compound.

  • Millier

    [meel-yey] /milˈyeɪ/ noun 1. 1000 kilograms; a metric ton.

  • Millifarad

    [mil-uh-far-uh d, -ad] /ˈmɪl əˌfær əd, -æd/ noun, Electricity. 1. a unit of capacitance, equal to one thousandth of a . Abbreviation: mF, mf.

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