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[mil-steen for 1; mil-stahyn for 2] /ˈmɪl stin for 1; ˈmɪl staɪn for 2/

Cesar, 1927–2002, Argentinian immunologist: Nobel prize 1984.
Nathan Mironovich, 1904–92, U.S. violinist, born in Russia.
Nathan. 1904–92, US violinist, born in Ukraine

Milstein Mil·stein (mĭl’stēn’), Cesar. Born 1927.

Argentinian-born British immunologist. He shared a 1984 Nobel Prize for developing a method of producing monoclonal antibodies.
Argentinean-born British immunologist who conducted important research into antibodies. With Georges Köhler he developed a method of fusing together different cells to maintain antibody production. For the discovery of this technique, which is widely used in the development of drugs and in diagnostic tests for cancer and other diseases, Milstein and Köhler shared with British immunologist Niels K. Jerne the 1984 Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine.


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