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[mi-moh-suh, -zuh] /mɪˈmoʊ sə, -zə/

any of numerous plants, shrubs, or trees belonging to the genus Mimosa, of the legume family, native to tropical or warm regions, having small flowers in globular heads or cylindrical spikes and often sensitive leaves.
any of various similar or related plants, especially of the genus Acacia, as the silver wattle, or Albizzia, as the silk tree.
a cocktail of orange juice and champagne, usually in equal parts.
/mɪˈməʊsə; -zə/
any tropical shrub or tree of the leguminous genus Mimosa, having ball-like clusters of yellow or pink flowers and compound leaves that are often sensitive to touch or light See also sensitive plant
any similar or related tree

genus of leguminous shrubs, 1731, coined in Modern Latin (1619) from Latin mimus “mime” (see mime (n.)) + -osa, adjectival suffix (fem. of -osus). So called because some species (including the common Sensitive Plant) fold leaves when touched, seeming to mimic animal behavior. The alcoholic drink (by 1977) is so called from its yellowish color, which resembles that of the mimosa flower.


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