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[min-uh-ret, min-uh-ret] /ˌmɪn əˈrɛt, ˈmɪn əˌrɛt/

a lofty, often slender, tower or turret attached to a mosque, surrounded by or furnished with one or more balconies, from which the muezzin calls the people to prayer.
/ˌmɪnəˈrɛt; ˈmɪnəˌrɛt/
a slender tower of a mosque having one or more balconies from which the muezzin calls the faithful to prayer
any structure resembling this

1680s, from French minaret, from Turkish minare “a minaret,” from Arabic manarah, manarat “lamp, lighthouse, minaret,” related to manar “candlestick,” derivative of nar “fire;” cf. Hebrew ner “lamp” (see menorah).


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