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[mahynd-pop] /ˈmaɪndˌpɒp/

noun, Psychology Informal.
a word, phrase, image, or sound that comes into the mind suddenly and involuntarily and is usually related to a recent experience.


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  • Mind-reader

    noun 1. a person professing the ability of mind reading, especially as a professional entertainer. noun 1. a person seemingly able to discern the thoughts of another

  • Mind-reading

    noun 1. the ability to discern the thoughts of others without the normal means of communication, especially by means of a preternatural power. 2. an act or the practice of so discerning the thoughts of another.

  • Mindscape

    mindscape mind·scape (mīnd’skāp’) n. A mental or psychological scene or area of the imagination.

  • Mindset

    [mahynd-set] /ˈmaɪndˌsɛt/ noun 1. an attitude, disposition, or mood. 2. an intention or inclination. noun 1. the ideas and attitudes with which a person approaches a situation, esp when these are seen as being difficult to alter n. also mind-set, “habits of mind formed by previous experience,” 1920, in educators’ jargon, from mind (n.) + […]

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