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an official who inspects a mine to ensure compliance with safety requirements.


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  • Minefield

    [mahyn-feeld] /ˈmaɪnˌfild/ noun, Military, Naval. 1. an area of land or water throughout which explosive have been laid. /ˈmaɪnˌfiːld/ noun 1. an area of ground or water containing explosive mines 2. a subject, situation, etc, beset with hidden problems n. 1877, from mine (n.2) + field (n.). Figurative use by 1947.

  • Minehunter

    /ˈmaɪnˌhʌntə/ noun 1. a naval vessel that searches for mines by electronic means

  • Minelayer

    [mahyn-ley-er] /ˈmaɪnˌleɪ ər/ noun 1. a naval ship equipped for , in the water. /ˈmaɪnˌleɪə/ noun 1. a warship or aircraft designed for the carrying and laying of mines

  • Mineola

    [min-ee-oh-luh] /ˌmɪn iˈoʊ lə/ noun 1. a village on W Long Island, in SE New York.

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