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[min-er-uh-lahyz, min-ruh-] /ˈmɪn ər əˌlaɪz, ˈmɪn rə-/

verb (used with object), mineralized, mineralizing.
to convert into a substance.
to transform (a metal) into an ore.
to impregnate or supply with substances.
verb (used without object), mineralized, mineralizing.
to study or collect the of a region.
any of various gases dissolved in magma that affect the crystallization of igneous rocks and the formation of minerals when the magma cools
an element, such as oxygen, that combines with a metal to form an ore
/ˈmɪnərəˌlaɪz; ˈmɪnrə-/
verb (transitive)

(of gases, vapours, etc, in magma) to transform (a metal) into an ore


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