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[mahyn-wur-ker] /ˈmaɪnˌwɜr kər/



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  • Ming dynasty egg

    noun See hundred-year egg

  • Minge

    /mɪndʒ/ noun (Brit, taboo, slang) 1. the female genitals 2. women collectively considered as sexual objects n. “female pudendum,” 1903, of unknown origin.

  • Minger

    [ming-er] /ˈmɪŋ ər/ noun, British Slang. 1. an ugly, unpleasant, or smelly person or thing. /ˈmɪŋə/ noun 1. (Brit, informal) an unattractive or malodorous person noun an unattractive person; a smelly or ugly person Word Origin ming ‘human excrement’ or ‘unpleasant smell’ + -er Usage Note UK slang; minging, mingy adj

  • Mingimingi

    /ˈmiːəŋiːmiːəŋiː/ noun 1. an evergreen New Zealand tree, Cyathodes juniperina, with grey bark, narrow leaves, and blue berries

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