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[ming-guh l] /ˈmɪŋ gəl/

verb (used without object), mingled, mingling.
to become mixed, blended, or united.
to associate or mix in company:
She refuses to mingle with bigots.
to associate or take part with others; participate.
verb (used with object), mingled, mingling.
to mix or combine; put together in a mixture; blend.
to unite, join, or conjoin.
to associate in company:
a hostess who mingles diplomats with executives.
to form by mixing; compound; concoct.
mingles, two or more single, unrelated adults who live together.
to mix or cause to mix
(intransitive) often foll by with. to come into close association

mid-15c., “to bring together,” frequentative of Middle English myngen “to mix,” from Old English mengan (related to second element in among), from Proto-Germanic *mangjan “to knead together” (cf. Old Saxon mengian, Old Norse menga, Old Frisian mendza, German mengen), from PIE *mag- “to knead, fashion, fit” (see macerate). The formation may have been suggested by cognate Middle Dutch mengelen. Of persons, “to join with others, be sociable” (intransitive), from c.1600. Related: Mingled; mingling.


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