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[min-uh-muh l] /ˈmɪn ə məl/

constituting a :
a minimal mode of transportation.
barely adequate or the least possible:
minimal care.
of the least possible; minimum or smallest

“smallest, least,” 1660s, from Latin minimus (see minim) + -al (1).


Read Also:

  • Minimal automaton

    theory An automaton possessing with redundant states. (1996-05-03)

  • Minimal-brain-dysfunction

    noun 1. (no longer in technical use) . minimal brain dysfunction min·i·mal brain dysfunction (mĭn’ə-məl) n. A mild impairment of brain function that affects perception, behavior, and academic ability, and is characterized by dyslexia, difficulty in writing, hyperactivity, or mental retardation. Also called attention deficit disorder.

  • Minimal dose

    minimal dose n. The smallest quantity of a drug that will, or will likely, produce a physiological effect in an adult.

  • Minimal infecting dose

    minimal infecting dose n. Abbr. MID The smallest quantity of infectious material regularly producing infection.

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