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[min-uh-stree] /ˈmɪn ə stri/

noun, plural ministries.
the service, functions, or profession of a of religion.
the body or class of of religion; clergy.
the service, function, or office of a of state.
the body of of state.
(usually initial capital letter) any of the administrative governmental departments of certain countries usually under the direction of a of state.
(usually initial capital letter) the building that houses such an administrative department.
the term of office of a of state.
an act or instance of ; ; service.
something that serves as an agency, instrument, or means.
noun (pl) -tries

ministers of religion or government ministers considered collectively
the tenure of a minister


late 14c., “function of a priest,” from Old French menistere “service, ministry; position, post, employment,” and directly from Latin ministerium “office, service, attendance, ministry,” from minister (see minister (n.)). Began to be used 1916 as name of certain departments in British government.


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