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[mingk] /mɪŋk/

noun, plural minks (especially collectively) mink.
a semiaquatic weasellike animal of the genus Mustela, especially the North American M. vison.
the fur of this animal, brownish in the natural state and having lustrous outside hairs and a thick, soft undercoat.
a coat, stole, etc., made of this fur.
noun (pl) mink, minks
any of several semiaquatic musteline mammals of the genus Mustela, of Europe, Asia, and North America, having slightly webbed feet
the highly valued fur of these animals, esp that of the American mink (M. vison)
a garment made of this, esp a woman’s coat or stole

early 15c., “skin or fur of the mink,” from a Scandinavian source (cf. Swedish menk “a stinking animal in Finland”). Applied in English to the animal itself from 1620s.


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