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Minority carrier

the entity responsible for carrying the lesser part of the current in a semiconductor Compare majority carrier


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  • Minority government

    noun government by a minority or elected by a minority; also, a government without a voting majority Examples The minority government was formed by a party which does not hold a majority of the seats in the House of Commons.

  • Minority-group

    noun 1. (defs 3, 4).

  • Minority-leader

    noun 1. the party member who directs the activities of the minority party on the floor of a legislative body, as of the U.S. Congress. The leader of the political party that holds a minority of seats in either house of Congress or of a state legislature. Selected by their own party caucuses, minority leaders […]

  • Minority report

    noun a separate, often secret, summary presented by members of a group that disagrees with the majority

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