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[muh-nahy-uh-deez] /məˈnaɪ əˌdiz/

plural noun, Classical Mythology.
the daughters of Minyas who were driven mad by Dionysus as a punishment for refusing to take part in his revels.


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  • Minyae

    [min-yuh n] /ˈmɪn yən/ Classical Mythology adjective 1. descended from Minyas. 2. being or pertaining to a gray, wheel-thrown pottery produced in ancient Greece during the early part of the Helladic period, c2000 b.c. noun 3. Minyans, Also, Minyae [min-yee] /ˈmɪn yi/ (Show IPA). the descendants of Minyas who inhabited Orchomenus in Boeotia and Iolcus […]

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    [Sephardic Hebrew meen-yahn; Ashkenazic Hebrew, English min-yuh n] /Sephardic Hebrew minˈyɑn; Ashkenazic Hebrew, English ˈmɪn yən/ noun, plural minyanim [Sephardic Hebrew meen-yah-neem; Ashkenazic Hebrew min-yaw-nim] /Sephardic Hebrew min yɑˈnim; Ashkenazic Hebrew mɪnˈyɔ nɪm/ (Show IPA). English, minyans. Hebrew. 1. the number of persons required by Jewish law to be present to conduct a communal religious […]

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    [min-ee-uh s] /ˈmɪn i əs/ noun, Classical Mythology. 1. a king of Orchomenus, famed for his wealth.

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    minimal identifiable odor

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