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[mi-fib-uh-seth] /mɪˈfɪb əˌsɛθ/

noun, Douay Bible.


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  • MIPS

    [mips] /mɪps/ 1. million instructions per second: a measure of computer speed. /mɪps/ noun acronym (computing) 1. million instructions per second 1. Million instructions per second. The unit commonly used to give the rate at which a processor executes instructions. Often rendered by hackers as “Meaningless Indication of Processor Speed” or in other unflattering ways. […]

  • Mips project

    Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline Stages

  • Mips r3000

    A version of the MIPS R2000 with improved cache control. (1995-02-09)

  • Mips r4000

    A 64-bit version of the MIPS R3000 with has more pipeline stages for a higher clock rate and performance. (1995-02-09)

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