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[meer; Russian myeer] /mɪər; Russian myir/

noun, plural miri
[meer-ee; Russian myee-ri] /ˈmɪər i; Russian ˈmyi rɪ/ (Show IPA). Russian.
a village commune of peasant farmers in prerevolutionary Russia.
Middle Irish.
noun (pl) miri (ˈmiri)
a peasant commune in prerevolutionary Russia
the Russian (formerly Soviet) manned space station launched in February 1986 and scuttled in 2001

late 20c. space station, from Russian, literally “peace, world,” also “village, community,” from Old Church Slavonic miru “peace,” from Proto-Slavic *miru “commune, joy, peace” (“possibly borrowed from Iranian” [Watkins]), from PIE root *mei- “to bind” (see mitre). Old Church Slavonic miru was “used in Christian terminology as a collective ‘community of peace’ ” [Buck], translating Greek kosmos. Hence, “the known world, mankind.”
Middle Irish
microwave imaging radiometer


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