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[mis-kar-ij; for 1 also mis-kar-ij] /mɪsˈkær ɪdʒ; for 1 also ˈmɪsˌkær ɪdʒ/

the expulsion of a fetus before it is viable, especially between the third and seventh months of pregnancy; spontaneous abortion.
Compare (def 1).
failure to attain the just, right, or desired result:
a miscarriage of justice.
failure of something sent, as a letter, to reach its destination.
Chiefly British. transportation of goods not in accordance with the contract of shipment.
(also) (ˈmɪskær-). spontaneous expulsion of a fetus from the womb, esp prior to the 20th week of pregnancy
an act of mismanagement or failure: a miscarriage of justice
(Brit) the failure of freight to reach its destination

1580s, “mistake, error;” 1610s, “misbehavior;” see miscarry + -age. Meaning “untimely delivery” is from 1660s. Miscarriage of justice is from 1875.

miscarriage mis·car·riage (mĭs’kār’ĭj, mĭs-kār’-)
Premature expulsion of a nonviable fetus, especially before the middle of the second trimester of gestation; spontaneous abortion.
The premature, spontaneous expulsion of the products of pregnancy from the uterus, usually in the first trimester. Also called spontaneous abortion.
miscarriage [(mis-kar-ij, mis-kar-ij)]

A spontaneous and premature expulsion of an embryo or fetus from the uterus before it is capable of surviving on its own.

Note: Generally, a miscarriage is a failure to achieve a desired end, as in a miscarriage of justice.


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